Frequently Asked Questions on Cleaning Procedure

The steam cleaning process involves a specialist with or without a technician arriving at your location to assess the services you want performed and to double check your request form. They will then proceed by selecting the most suitable tools and procedure to use for optimal results. The steam cleaning machine is a powerful industrial-strength machine that is designed to penetrate the depths of your carpet or fabric and simultaneously extracting the vapour. We use hot steam combined with mild environmentally safe rug shampoo that is also safe for children, pets and yourself. Technicians will also pay special attention to problem areas by hand or in combination with the machine.

The entire cleaning process generally lasts between an hour to two, depending on the amount of service you require. During this time, the machines will emit loud noises, so you may take that into consideration when planning for your children or pets.

Our policy disallows any technicians to move dangerous or valuable objects and furniture that may sit on the carpet. This includes heavy furniture, and complicated audio and computer cables, so please make additional arrangements to have these items removed prior to our arrival to save time. If these items are left unmoved on the carpets, it will be left as is and our technicians will clean around the obscured sections of the carpet.

The carpet or upholstery will remain damp at the end of the process. Typically, it will dry within 6 to 8 hours in an air-conditioned environment or with the presence of a dehumidifier.